Hacked Site Cleanup

Has your website been hacked?  This can take many forms: from defaced pages, to invisible links that trigger your visitors' anti-malware software, to browsers refusing to visit your site.

We know problems like this can be extremely stressful, because you have no idea what to do and you can almost feel your customers and your reputation slipping away.

Don't worry - we can help!

We have 20 years of experience cleaning up hacked sites, and we can get you fixed up and back to normal very quickly.

For WordPress and Joomla sites, we have a fixed-price package - no hidden fees, no ongoing charges:

For $199 you get:

  • Your site visually restored
  • Your site files fully scanned and cleaned
  • Your database fully scanned and cleaned
  • A security plugin installed and configured
  • Removal requests for any blacklists
  • A 30-day warranty that includes continued monitoring and further fixing

(Please note that there are some exclusions, which we'll tell you about beforehand).

For sites based on something other than Wordpress or Joomla, we can give you an up-front price on a case-by-case basis.

We guarantee our results - if we can't fix your site, you pay nothing.  So you have nothing to lose!

Don't wait, contact us right now to get your site back!

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