CMS Maintenance

So you've got a nice Wordpress or Joomla site up and running; now what?  Most clients don't have the time or desire to stay on top of the plugin updates, core updates, security updates, malware checks, and other regular maintenance that's needed to keep a CMS site running smoothly over the long term.

Let us keep your site running while you take care of your business.  We offer annual maintenance plans that cover

  • daily backups (retained for one month)
  • keeping plugins and add-ons up to date
  • keeping the CMS core up to date
  • keeping security up to date
  • keeping the PHP version up to date
  • scanning for malware and malicious intrusions (a "hacked" site)
  • cleaning up and repairing a site hacked through software intrusion

subject to certain exclusions and conditions.  Contact us today to get your site protected!

If your site is based on another type of CMS or some other software, or is a static HTML site, we can put together a plan on a case-by-case basis.  Just contact us to work out the details.