CCJ Channels eBay Lister is a Joomla component that creates eBay listings for products with data you can import from Virtuemart, create by hand, or import from a CSV file.

  1. Installation and Setup
    1. Installation
    2. Connection to eBay
    3. Setting up your eBay Listings
      1. The "eBay Configuration" Tab
      2. The "Template" Tab
      3. The "Payments" Tab
      4. The "Domestic Shipping" Tab
      5. The "International Shipping" Tab
    4. Other Setup
  2. Creating Products
    1. Importing From a CSV File
    2. Creating Products By Hand
    3. Importing From Virtuemart
  3. Using eBay
    1. Setting Up Your eBay Account
    2. eBay Catalog Listings
    3. Using the "Push To eBay" Page


Supports Joomla 3.2.2 - 3.10

Support  for Joomla 4.0 is in development

eBay US Market only (for now)